iphone video shooting tips

iphone video shooting tips

Here are 5 Things You Should Never Do When Recording Video on Your iPhone…

I’ve seen some truly horrendous videos online so here’s a quick guide to avoiding the 5 biggest iPhone video mistakes;

1. Don’t use the (red?) record button to start recording because it causes shake and messes up the start of your video (there’s a little-known way you can start recording without touching the screen)

iphone video shooting tips don't just use the iphone record video button

2. Don’t use the built-in mic to record the audio. It sucks. (There’s a much better option which gives you crystal clear sound with no hisses or crackles)

iphone and headphones

3. Don’t record with the iPhone held upright because it will screw up the formatting. (There’s a special “pro grip” you need to use to hold your iPhone in the right way to get the best results)

filming with iphone 6 escalator

4. Don’t use the default recording tool which comes with your iPhone because it’s too limited, messes up the focus and distorts natural colors. (There’s a secret app you can download you should use instead.)

iphone video shooting tips

5. Don’t use the standard lens which comes with your iPhone because it flattens the depth of field and makes every video look homemade. (There’s a cool add-on lens you need to get for just a few bucks which makes all your videos instantly look more professional).

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