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A Quick Bio

My Family:

My beautiful partner

Katina, my sista 7 years older then me, my brother 6 years older than me, my mom turned 70 in 2016 year and my dad turned 80 in 2016 LOVES music. My brother had a band, my dad used to play the trumpet and piano and sung Louis Armstrong songs while studying medicine in germany. The country I live in and spend the most of my life-time. Lots of aunts & uncles.

Primary Residence:

Hamburg, Germany

My Market:

Anyone who loves arts & music, anyone who is serious about changing their financial lives and want to work from the comfort of their home online.

My Story & Finding The Better Way

Im a global fair trade motivated artist and digital entrepreneur that loves ecofriendly products and ethical business solutions!

Since I can think I love making music!

Like many musicians I started out drumming on moms cooking pots!

I still see myself sitting on the kitchen floor and hitting the pots with wooden cooking spoons and singing out anything that came to my head!

I was lucky to have friends having parents very into green living and also fellows in the music industry being interested in living a more fair world!

With these people and what they bought, cooked and lived I was able to enjoy the quality and spirit of fair trade product when done with passion.

Yes in every industry there are folks following the other path (hopefully not for long) profits, profits without any Looking Back over my shoulder

Its hard to get around products that smell like: Exploitation of The Human Resource but TODAY there are so many more companies switching to an ethical and corporate responsible foundation.

So whenever Im able to buy a product that is looking to create better living conditions for more than the companies founders Ill get it.

Still I do my little research;)

For example: Hungry for Music is a great charity project that I want to support!

GEPA is a company I enjoy buying from, and Fair Trade, and many more:)

The bicycle I ride since 5 years now is still doing great but when the time comes around I will buy me a fair trade bicycle:) I just found a company creating these:)

At least 95% have this intentions: Here is one article I wrote on a blogging platform belonging to my online business training.

Feel free to read it at:

The Better Way

Im glad that I found online business mentors helping me to improve my (online) business skills.

I started of with a free training video series that actually made me become a full member because of the positive attitudes towards life in general.

Also the most people I met inside the community treat and support each other in a respectful way not only chasing money, but looking for solutions to make this world a better place to live in, no matter what color or background in the first place.

You can check out the free training yourself and let me know what you think about it. Id be happy if I was able to help you stop jumping around in life without finding your very own most desired goals.