Can i run a small business from home

can i run a small business from home

One day back in 2006, I thought the music industry could not help me to succeed simply because my own productions and performances did not entertain that many people. No fans no glance… (Stupid rhyme sorry!)

I always missed to collect emails at events or to go after the few people that enjoyed my “show” (singer-songwriter songs).

Being overwhelmed myself, or simply because of singing song like dissatisfactory, where I sing about being grateful for the things you already have.

No songs to boost that salesmen in me right?

But that what my attitude is about. Still I want to do more good, perform around the world.

But with a little to no marketing myself at all – impossible.

Working for others without getting the support I needed for my own productions was a paying some of my bills, but not fulfilling.

I hated to be booked as a singer at some point and for the reason not writing songs that are commercial. What if you always feel that you are going to succeed one day, while people make fun of you?

How stupid can you look in life or on a photo?

ood in a green t-shirt frog perspective

oliver ohene-dokyi in a green t-shirt frog perspective

The booking stopped 🙂 Less money in the pocket so what now?

The worst that really got me out of tune was when I finally had to pick up a job in a varnishing company to pay my bills.

Not a healthy environment and I am still working there…

I knew I had to do something else or on top to change my income and situation.

My sweet partner that I love so much is fully understanding my intentions and moves – but when it comes to money we still get in stress …

Not that long anymore and that is fine.

We both want to push through and not give up on things early, but look for solutions.

I am giving my best at work and I try to be a leader for my colleges. Motivate them where ever I see them struggle with work that has to done.

My ten years experience working for the company allows me to do so. But even without this job, I always felt like life is a gift and it is about me to be grateful for the things and obstacles I get.

I can sing my soul out like what but can’t and don’t always want to connect to my audience.

So what, when I know that there will be an easier way to produce my music whenever and at what studio I want.

All I need is enough money to finance these places.

But this is a self-employed thing.

Working for somebody else is different.

I get paid for work that is good.

And I want to do a good job but want to be my own boss.

Imagine being lucky enough to get paid for the things you love from an early age.

This happened to me  many times being the musician I am. But never enough to pay my bills for long.

So far, I’ve learned in many of my jobs that with a good product you can build a following.

Things that are crap may sell for a crappy price but are of bad quality. Many of them at least.

To make it in the music business you need more than talent. Producers, managers, publishers that push you through, a fan base that will want to pay for your concerts tickets with a joy – knowing they’ll get a great time in return.

I remember that even back in 2006 I heard about people making money on the internet.

Where did I see those ads? Online off-course!

And I do not mean selling unwanted stuff on ebay or amazon.

I was so much in my fair trade green living ideology that I though about building a bridge to that work from home thing going on to green living and sure to who I am and what I do.

I really thought: “Can i run a small business from home?”

What will I need to do this in a way it pays my bills?

How much money of the little I had will I need to make it a profitable one?

Small Business Startup a rough Ride

small business startup a rough ride

land rover roof reck with a flower having a rough ride

Learn – Do – Teach (more on this later!)

  • You must have your own website
  • You really should have some technical skills
  • Paying bills for web hosting and email marketing services is a must too the list could go on…

But I decided to go this way!

I have seen too many folks starting out broke or with little money like me, reaching the goal and with the help of people I am going to quit my part-time job!

One day I was doing another research on best online business coaching and I came across the one platform that is my goto source since 1 year now.

I enjoy paying my 97 dollars per month knowing that I get access to premium tools and trainings.

These are a perfect match for people that want to start an online business and leave the rat-race.

There is work involved to set up the foundations, but it is fun working and learning from these mentors and talking, chatting with people inside the community.

Learn – Do – Teach

Did you hear a successful person say that before?

Learn a skill, put to test and share your experience on facebook, make a video of this ride or write a post for your blog –


That is what I’m doing here.

I am sure you know some folks on youtube just sharing what they do after work, show their new fun toy and guess what they get a following for doing this day in and day out or to make it less a stress one a month.

Could you share some useful content with the world? I am sure you can 🙂

“Believe it and you shall receive it!” (Matthew 21:22 – Mentioned in The Science of Getting Rich) I always knew that it is something for me and that I “only” had to search for the best coaching until I get it.

We are going to be parents soon. You can guess how much more this motivates me to run my own meaningful and profitable online business.

Doing this is no longer an option for internet nerds. It is for people from all education levels that can set a little bit of money aside.

I’m glad that I didn’t give up but get more clarity on what I want.

I also enjoy improving my online business working tools and skills being the artist & entrepreneur I am.

Both do help me a lot reaching my desire goals in future.

Guess I would still mentally struggle with where to go, what to do to finally live my dream life without this training I check out daily! Sure I do take time to relax 😉

Create the life you want


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