Dealing with negativity in your business



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Experiencing negativity is inevitable. Particularly if you are bucking the trend and looking to create real change in your life.

While some people are naturally thick skinned, it's fair to say most of us are not. And when we first start to experience negativity it can be a real success blocker. Even worse can cause many people to quit.

In this video I talk about me experience with negativity and actually how looking back I can only see how it empowered me to become a better entrepreneur and business owner. I am sure it can do the same for you!

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • John Richards says:

    Hi Stuart Great content again cant wait for all your pep talk videos as they offer so much value to me and other cheers man.

  • ricardo cardi says:

    Hey Stuart Thank you very much ! i will activate my SFM soon !

  • Gil Balfas says:

    Stu this is brilliant. So insightful, educated and practical. This mind shift is what we all need to know on the digital mileage we clock up in our businesses. It makes sense to surround yourself with positive people that believe in your strategy, and filter the rest. I have felt the negativity from people that say it is a cult. And all this community positivity is certainly in that direction. But as u explain here, it just plain works and if u wake up each morning and serve others, provide to the marketplace happily, then the fear and doubt about your choices fall away. Happy new year mate. Cheers

    • Sterling Lowery says:

      One of the best methods I like to know where the demand is, is to see how many searches are being made every day, week or month on “Keywords” or “Keyword phrases”. Products and services for health, wealth, love and happiness will always be in high interest.

  • Sterling Lowery says:

    Another great Life/Business lesson. When you say “giving value” I’m sure that means you were giving before and after the transactions happened.

    And when you say surround yourself by believers, that literally means spend time with them out in the real world even know you never said that. Not to be negative it’s just that you weren’t specific.

    To me Tony Robbins is The King of All Life Coaches. He probably knows what he knows is because he read 700 books in human development for 7 years at a early age he says. Or he could be not of this World. Not many people can do that he can do as it isn’t their specialty or purpose.

    I release all negativity and hold joy in my heart, I live in a natural state of joyfulness.

    Thank You for taking the time and effort to upload your video here to share your wisdom to all those who need encouragement on the Path you’ve already succeeded in.

  • Kathryn Marker says:

    Thank you for this Stuart. I needed it today. I’m trying to challenge the sfm status quo by not creating a lifestyle affiliate business but rather a personal development transformation website and show people that the sfm can be used to bring to life any passion and create a business you love. Its challenging haha. But I love giving people value. Its why Im here ☺

  • Island Healing says:

    Thanks mate, some key takeaways for me right now! Appreciate it!

  • Ken McCaleb says:

    Bang on. Be a leader with a purpose and vision. Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr day. Here is a man who faced unimaginable negativity and yet he inspired a country by his unshakable belief in his dream.

  • Jason Owen says:

    Excellent. As a relative ‘newbie’ to SFM, and progressing through the education you offer, Stuart is the most authentic and inspirational person ive come across in years of searching for an opportunity. Hope to meet one day. Thankyou

  • Lisa Coe says:

    …you’re in Sydney!!! 🙂
    “Today you look for inspiration – Tomorrow you become the inspiration…”

  • Amy Steele says:

    Back in 2011, I was supposed to receive my inheritance. I stopped and realized I needed to find a handful of mentors. I wanted to find a solid partner in love and friendship. I also requested to find and stop my enemies, before I moved forward with my inheritance. I was shocked to find out who my enemies were. I struggled to find business mentors that I had a connection with. I lost my partner in 2013. My goals did not turn out the way I thought they would. 2017 update, my inheritance not in my hands or my control. I show up every day and keep moving forward, with or without money. I found my first business mentor to follow. It is Stuart Ross. My success depends on me. He shows you the tools, you just have to decide if your going to use them or not. Thank you for your time Stuart!

  • Carolè Antoine says:

    Thank you, Stuart, so much for your motivational and inspiring talk. Grateful indeed.

  • Teoda Thomas says:

    thank you so very much,,,,,,i needed to hear this.

  • Stephen Hill says:

    Superb video Stuart. Clearly, you’re speaking from the heart.

  • Hassan Dean says:

    Good lad👊🏼

  • Pete Moring says:

    Hi Stuart; I have to say that for the MOST part your video’s are very inspiring and valuable, but your ‘gushing’ towards Uber and AirBnB has stained your reputation. You ‘really’ should look into the devastation ‘in’ society that these two giants PLUS Amazon are causing. I hope you take as much time researching these companies Terms and conditions/service as you do your due-dilligence for your online business …..

  • Lales Celiker says:

    You are genious. You are different by lifting up positive Tools inside World business, thats why l am listening to you now.

  • Lales Celiker says:

    You are very correct. Do not loose time. l love to block but l share the injustice information. l hate corruption. It destroyed my family.

  • Lales Celiker says:

    l hope you will stay there where you are until you are 100 years old. l also want to buy your book.

  • Rick Hendriks says:

    Hi Stuart, absolutely love your incites and videos . So inspirational and uplifting in times of doubt. Thanks !!

  • RobbeyT says:

    ONE of the best advice I got from this is “F**king grow up..otherwise you’ll procrastinate “, I do need this ✔

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