Evolve GT Carbon Series – The Ultimate Big Boy Toy For 2017?


Here is my Unboxing Video for the Evolve GT Carbon Series. Since unboxing I have used the board a LOT!

I have to say it is a lot of fun. Even more than it looks. One thing I will say is you really must take care when first getting on one of these.

They are not so much of a 'toy' when you realise just how fast these things go. GT mode is seriously awesome and has exceptional torque.

Any friend of mine that has had a go wants to get one and it's not unusual to have complete strangers request a quick go..

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • Catherine Payen-Guimard says:

    Good for you Stuart – you too deserve a laff!! Arnica and Hamamelis (whitch hazel latin name) for the bruising and Rhus Tox for the inflammations there some homeopathic remedies, perhaps I’ll send some over… <3 (this is a mother's first aid kit so as you are being a big 'boy' ... ) love you loads

  • Daniel Carbonel says:

    Stuart I am soooo jelaous!!! Are you going to sell your used one???? 🙂 🙂 Let me know!! SFM Brother!!!

  • RC_Trax says:

    did you experience any connection drop out? and going into safe mode?

    • Stuart Ross says:

      Yes with my first board (Bamboo) and as it was my first board I wasn’t sure if it was just like that. I have had no issues with the new board and control. Knowing that now I would have 100% of contacted evolve to sort it out. I found it quite dangerous.

    • JesseDegenerate says:

      May I ask why you went Evolve again after having a BGT with those issues? Have you tried any of the competing boards?

  • Matt Squibbs says:

    Ferrari? No, try BUGATTI.

  • Darkbain says:

    Man I don’t usually post but I do have to say that The Evolve board is freaking gorgeous. I’ve had mine for about three weeks or so, but I’ve also had one of my worst incidents with it too. I still look at that board like it was a sexy lady in lace. I have all Terrain wheels but will maybe get street tires. I’ve had my issues with them too lol 🙂 some were my fault.

  • Husse 4000 Nice beats says:

    8000 lumens must be the biggest joke

  • Raymond Dowling says:

    Just got mine today.

  • Michael Sans says:

    You left that in your trunk for a week you toolbag

  • Troy Gibbons says:

    Steepest street in the world bro which is here in New Zealand!!!

  • Tyler Carrell says:

    Is your board still working good?

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