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Good Answer Much Better Video and Lyrics

Good Answer Much Better Video

Good Answer Much Better Lyrics

Socialized Civilized Very nice Stars collideQuadratized minimized Smiles of ice SpecializedTempting times Yards and lights Volume effectivity The clone.OverdriveOverwrite Authorized Otherwise just appetizedCluttered Rotten HammeredSocial responsible friendly cottonTransferred Spotted Spammed and jammed a lot Good give slowly floatingTrucks Peptides Space size Nearby realizedWhat so ever Dry spice Cold stocks FertalizedGood going nice weather Good looking good lordGood answer much better Good regret the swordBad moods worse future Worst icy rainSparks of genes and liberty Is just one sceneHow often do I see one in front of my own eyes and how many times do I have to cutand glue those parts to make new life from that I know that it will die for goodOne leaf one thiefone stone one chiefone rope one hung one throneOne tongue one gracefree one handone needone face like mine one face like yoursAnd liberty is a giant source. Two legs two times in a dayTwo doors two graves two ears two chairs two eyes and each thing two won one kind of a pairThree tunnels three funnels three lightsthree mountains three meanings of rightFour hours of sleepFour takes four shotsFive wheels five judges five fingers Five namesOne liberty is a tidy play One liberty is a tidy play One liberty is a tidy play One liberty is a tidy play
Good going nice weather good looking good lordGood answer much better good regret the swordBad moods worse future worst icy rainSparks of genes and liberty is just one sceneGenetic codes they change so fast genetic codes the range from small to large

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