How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

First of all you’ll need an affiliate product.

I assume that you know a little bit about affiliate marketing already.

If not not carefully read this post!

Affiliate marketing is a job too!

Takes time, many times money to invest into marketing and the will to learn new things!

You should also be able to understand or have fun learning about starting a business and learning about business rules, terms of conditions, affiliate disclaimers and lots more…

Being an affiliate does NOT keep you off scamming rules!!

A myth is that the vendor of the product handles EVERYTHING that goes with the product YOU promote for commission(s).

If any body that you personally refer a product to contacts you about how good or bad it is – you better answer and be polite – consumer friendly as if it is your own product!

Should You Buy The Affiliate Product Before You Promote It?

This is by far the best thing you can do!

People buy from people not from bot or machines.

Heck – sure you do sometimes buy something without really checking out the full (his)tory of the product but after a time and when the product sucks you do, right? I do so.

So I love to promote things that i have experience with! And I guess the many people and real youtube reviewers, influencers and so on want your opinion on something and the other way around before you buy or follow crap!


Here is why:

You want to pick something you like yourself first.

This will help you to do affiliate marketing when you really have spare time!

Imagine promoting something you hate and then watching the time go by with or without earning any commissions – how would that feel?

AND again – could you be happy and proud to help someone finding a solution?

Will your affiliate product and promotion represent this solution from the first eye and your very own truthful experience or will you try to promote sell a dream?

google affiliate networks, or affiliate programs for your FUN product!

Take good care of your affiliate promotions and good luck earning your first affiliate commissions soon!

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