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How to Create A Meaningful Online Business

“Find Out How A Enthusiastic πŸ˜‰ Artist And Part-Time Varnishing Helper Uses the Internet Marketing to Create A Meaningful Online Business!”

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

Hi, my name is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi!

First some insights about me, before I talk about that meaningful online business.

I love to improve bit by bit πŸ™‚

I live in Hamburg Germany since 1975, do work as a varnishing helper 26 hours a week, enjoy writing and performing music.

ood - oliver ohene-dokyi singer-songwriter photo

In 2006 I got my first website as a gift from a friend in order to present my art and music. Since then running an online business, learning to make it meaningful and to help other to do the same, make many of my daily thoughts and actions!

Hopefully good parts of what I will share with you now will inspire you on your own journey as much as possible.

A “Quick” Question:

Do you believe that the digital world, digital economy and all the “new tools” will change jobs and business a lot of and faster in the near future?

Are curious and shaking at the same time, that you would love to step back from all that new online stuff thinking:

“Would be cool to get a piece of that easy online money cake!”


“This online business stuff Β is not creating jobs, digital downloads are not real products!”

or just

“I need to know more about all this online stuff before I fall behind.

oliver ohene-dokyi did not know that

Getting paid for working online may not be your first motivation or interest, but wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for sharing valuable information?

The Things Bigger Than You!

Being around the 40’s like me chances are high, that you are interested in self-awareness.

Contact me to correct me on that, but if you are than you maybe are willing to invest time and money in your and your family’s best possible future as well.

How many mentors, personal coaches did you need to get in the shape, the job you always wanted?

Or did you never ever thought of hiring one?

I did not until I got interested in my work-from-home future πŸ˜‰

I took me years to find the right mentors and I hope to prevent you from searching this long.

Guess what I got?

A whole lot of crap, but still knowing that I have to make my own errors and willing to invest into this desired job/lifestyle useful information, that helped me to find the mentors teaching me today.

Thanks to Stu, Jay, Irene, Danielle and JJ and all of you guys and gals!!

So, if you areΒ not looking for a quick-fix or fast way to solve all your financial problems, then you are already the needed steps ahead of me when I got started πŸ™‚

The power switch: From what is in for you to what can you give to this world!

I consider myself a positive thinker and you are a positive thinking person, AWESOME!

Your attitude towards changing your situation and life to the best is key to really getting there! A law of attraction – another πŸ™‚

If you can connect yourself to some of the above, the people, mentors and resources I use maybe can help you achieving your goals faster than you thought possible.

Are you willing to invest time and money into creating your dream lifestyle?

Get the Support & Results You Deserve!

Request your free 7 day video series that changed my life forever

Thank you for checking out my story and wishing you all the best for your future!

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi