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How to let go of your relationship | Tony Robbins Podcast



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How many times in your life have you set expectations for yourself? Perhaps you believed you would have achieved a number of goals by a certain time. Or maybe you expected that you’d be married by a certain age. Or that your relationship would last a lifetime. While it’s admirable to set goals, and aspire to find love and connection, it’s also dangerous to tie our happiness to our expectations. Because when reality doesn’t meet our expectations, we often find ourselves lost, confused and in pain.

Welcome back to the Tony Robbins Podcast where we are continuing our breakthrough series – taking you to events like Date with Destiny, UPW and Business Mastery, where you’ll have a front row seat to life-changing transformations.

And in this episode, you are going to hear Tony work with Dano. Dano has been with his partner for decades. They’ve built a family and a life together, but they are finding themselves at a crossroad. He’s deeply in love, and struggling to let go, blaming himself for the relationship’s trajectory.

Tony works with Dano to take a new perspective on his relationship, and to learn how to trade his expectations for appreciation. They delve into what it means to be truly masculine in this trying situation and why loving his partner ultimately means letting her go.

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  • RJinspire says:

    When you set goals in your life, it means that you must start working harder towards those goals. Tony thanks for helping people around the world, love your work. 1st comment and looking forward to more videos such as this

  • jsmith x anios says:

    I love him and I miss him.

  • fortunato guercio says:

    Hi love this video !!! I’m from italy
    and i speak english ! I wach your videos all the time .i will love that my wife my Kids could get the messenge we need same videos in italian please so can people know how amazing tony is ..thaks for changing my Life see you in Birmingham in may i can’t wait

  • God Save The Stream says:

    If there are any ladies around, Tony will be like “awaken the giant within…My Pants!”

  • Authentic Self Guide says:

    Let go of the illusion that it could have been any different

  • Daniel Davis says:

    This definitely helps me right now. Getting over a separation and being cheated on, but also the uncertainty of a new relationship I thought was developing. it seems that she is travelling in a different path than I thought/hoped we were going and recently I’ve had trouble accepting that whilst maintaining gratitude and compassion for her

  • Gurudra says:

    Learning to love without attachment is the key here )

  • Revalo Branding & Marketing says:

    Tony is definitely the best out there if you want to build a serious business. I created my own Channel Revalo Branding to show you more on Million Dollar Branding check it out and I will always follow back

  • P B says:

    —> he could be grounded and lead the relationship and lead the talks and discuss the development of his wife and help and explain his vision of family and lead her into his vision together
    P.-S. Women like a lot solid grounded men with clear vision and leadership

  • ScottOne says:

    VIDEO starts at 2:20 – I am sick of hearing this woman speak ahead of the content so I linked the time.

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