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Jobs Online Plus got online back in 2010

I still do own the domain name but connected to the business educational platform I helping me to improve my business skills and self-awareness.

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In 2010 I was trying to find jobs that I can do online and then share of stuff that works for me with others.

At that time I was blogging about my ups and downs working from home online without directly creating a following of my content by having a newsletter or membership site.

Believe me I tried this a few years later without any remarkable success.

Do a simple search on google for jobs online and you will see that there is so much information that probably is not what you are looking for.

Back in 2010 far less people wanted to know more about making money online because it didn’t really seem to work out from scratch.

The truth is it is not any different today.

You must be able to have an idea of what your online job should pay you working it for an hour or more a day.

Not having any idea of what your own time is worth in money can be a shot in your own foot trying to explore a business model or job just to join a conversation.

I believe you value your time very highly and don’t like to waste it.

In the beginning of my online business journey I treated the hours or work of research, testing products, buying into memberships as investments in my own future.

Next to working part-time for a varnishing company and as an artist, being and working online to understand the concepts of digital marketing was and is something I need to keep learning more about.

Building an online business – and yes, helping others to learn more about the new digital economy is one of my top goals.

You really need or develop a steady joy or sweet scream for passion when writing posts, reviews or crafting hyper intelligent youtube videos.

how to build a meaningful online business

there is not that much room for getting around affiliate marketing being a proven to work model to earn an extra or even a full living.

Influencers do this with a joy and hard work keeping the followers excited…

When Things Got Easier

Things got easier for me finding premium support, that is helping me to identify my wants for the future. Helping me to learn more about finances, investing, working with my time in a efficient way.

But I took me years of trials and errors testing companies, online business gurus and wanna be internet marketing champs.

Until I found what I am growing my business with today…

They could stop sharing their program and community right now and it would not put me in any trouble at all.

Here is an example why I won’t panic when they should sop their business:

They already told me what to do and what to look for in order to develop my overall business skills!

It is on me to put work towards my goals in life.

A new job or the same one is not all in life.

Self-Awareness is a strong aspect to success.

Making efficient actions is another one.

Clarity on wants and setting goals is worth mentioning here too.

The list can go on and on but can be a new post,right?

Find the support you need in order to succeed and don’t give up on your gaols.

Get the results YOU DESERVE 🙂

Need support reaching goals in life?

For the “kicks my butt business education platform” I learn with click here