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Meaningful And Profitable Online Business video training.

Meaningful And Profitable Online Business video training.

OLIVER OHENE-DOKYIHi, as you’ve might probably noticed my name is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi running this site.

August 2017 became an exciting turning point in my online business venture. I seriously kept looking for information on how to start an online job, work from home for an income and all the things related to these topics.

In 2010 and after celebrating my first little success in this field, very little but hey 😉 I started a site/blog called jobsonlineplus.com.

A place online where I blogged about what did work for me, about affiliate products that worked or just did nothing but flamed my nerves…

I know from other parts in my life that coaching is very important to achieve goals and that many of the good ones require at least some sort of keeping the contact action or simply my money!

That is fine for as long as the results satisfy me.

But most importantly the best coaches couldn’t help me succeed if i felt bad listening to what they told me. 

So feeling connected and like-minded is a huuuuge part of growing your skills. So that is with me.

Okay – back to the turning point month august of 2017.

Searching major search engines can sometimes be very refreshing – and not giving up as well…

That search on starting a professional online business did bring me to the sfm program/community and I am member since then.

No other membership could make me stay this long and will probably not again. At least not those with a recurring membership fee. The SFM covers my very basic online business growth needs.

It is the people behind and the people who have joined.

The sfm webinars for example are always inspiring and people talk from the heart about what is or is not working in their lives.

So what will you learn from the same free online business video course that got me started? 

√ How does the digital economy work?
√ Learn what affiliate marketing is all about!
√ What products can you sell as an affiliate?
√ Why is not everyone making money online?
√ KEY elements to run a successful online business!
BONUS: 39-Pages List Building for Profits PDF Report