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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • pstchaseki says:


  • David Mustoe says:

    Alright! Now I’m psyched! I just came to look at one more video by Stuart off the cuff, and this is exactly what I needed. This is day 3 for me and I’ve already fallen victim to the ‘distractions’ (delaying, so to speak) mentioned in the intro video by Jay. Why? This one is it! Ok time to get to work.

  • Fycch Hhrrff says:

    YouTube intro ad annoying naab. search Wikipedia for more info.

  • Danielle Olaleye says:

    Hi Stuart, I’ve been following you since your days at mynetbiz , or something like that 😎. check out my Afro beats playlist. Zuckerberg is all over it 😄. Love your video 😍

  • Martin Matejka says:

    The NAME of the song please???Love it!!Nice video woww!!! THANKS)))

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