Mighty Mug!

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • astooka says:

    So .. Last week I spilt a big cup of soup on my MacBook Air and it’s gone .. And my new MacBook pro is coming .. So this mug is a must !! High five my clumsy friend ✋

  • Danielle Olaleye says:

    wow. That’s so cool.

  • Kelly Rayburn says:

    These things are great. I’ve got one. After I trashed a $100 keyboard that I had purchased 3 weeks earlier, I said “There has got to be a better way.” Found this and it is great. One thing I’ve found, at least with mine. It seems that if you push it slowly, it will just push right over. But if you strike it a quick blow, it sticks and takes quite a bit of force to dislodge it. I actually did that. But normally the cup would have went flying against the wall. This just tipped over and with the lid in place it didn’t spill a drop. But it took a huge backhand swipe to knock it over.

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