Mobile first indexing enabled for my authority site!! Yes :-)

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi
Believe me my digital marketing journey is
10 years old now and even though I tend to
feel very independent,
I am happy when I get a message from
google telling me they index my site or
approve my adsense account.
Really the one plugin I recently activated
for my music, art, goodpayingsurveysite
and my authority site.
The plugin is called Accelerate for Mobile Pages.

Mobile First Indexing Enabled

People at Google told me next to other interesting things,
that I may see more traffic from the googlebot
smartphone. This googlebot will now use the mobile version of my sites for indexing and ranking.
Google more about what mobile first indexing
Installing and activating the plugin was simple
and quick.
I am grateful for the all the support and value I am getting
from my mentors.
The people behind and within the community help
each other being the best of themselves.
Thanks again.
Feel free to check out my sites and leave me a comment 😉
Before I forget
I have a online job related facebookpage where we could
talk over everything that matters.
In case you do, Please like it and we can exchange our digital marketing successes. heck and issues… 😉
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