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Online Business Checklist


brought to you by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

Here’s a shortcut for an Online Business Best Start

1. Your Online Business Plan

It really makes good sense to sit down for a minute or more minutes to think of the exact results you want to achieve with your digital business.

What kind of problems do you want to solve?

What do people actually need outthere?

How can you deliver content to the people on this world that will help them to grow?

The clearer you set this and the financial goals (define your outcome) you want to achieve per month/year the more focused you will be and grow for yourself and with the demand of your ideal prospect/customer.

Form a clear avatar of one person who is most likely to like your service or product, then talk (vlogging/podcast/write) to this exact person as if it was your good friend!

Master one way to reach your clients on your own.

Outsource other ways social media,media buys etc.

Set working,relaxing and fun hours!

Still follow your heart and if you haven’t yet tried meditation or minutes of stillness, give it a try!

online business checklist

Deep breathing šŸ˜‰

2. Email Service

Writing emails can be fun always takes business time!

The more free time you have the better,right?

A “simple” email automation service can be just enough to automate SOME important processing to stay with and follow up with your ideal clients.

7 emails that offer a welcome gift for joining your digital business newsletter in the first email followed by 5 valuable content emails and one product recommendation in the last or even aside all emails can build a first relation.

This way you can be sure to deliver first without being in tied to your pc whenever a client signs up to your email list.

Having your best value product at the end of your email series or in all will also clear make clear that you are not just running your business for freebie seekers.

Your emails should be informative and entertaining in a way that your readers are curious about your products and how these will help them to grow for themselves.

Also asking your readership what problems they have with whatever your business is about is important.

The better you can help them the better for you. 

3. Domain Name

Professional Digital Business Owners (Businesses) today do have their own domain name.

When you are interested in Green Living Products, your domain name could be something like


Here’s a Shortcut for getting cheap domain names

4. Webhosting

Webhosting is the part someone will take care about your serving your domain šŸ˜‰ The server that hold all the beautiful content of your website!

Greengeeks is one I can recommend for their new approach. Also see Top 5 reasons green host wordpress greengeeks.

The digital business lounge (DEA) because is coming up with some hart to beat extras.

I highly recommend you check out both services to see what fits you.

Personally i run my sites with the (DEA) because I also need checklist item #4.

online business checklist

5. Coaching and Business Mentoring

To be successful you need to learn from successful people that best match your chemistry.

I can not assume that the six figure mentors can help you like they help me but who knows?

Free informationĀ about the SFM at thesixfigurementors.com.

Here’s a shortcut for an Online Business