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Everyone is talking about how Artificial Intelligence and Technology is replacing jobs. But most people don't realise how simple it has become to profit from all this new opportunity. Even better, you can create a lot more freedom for yourself than the 9-5 rat race. And no… You do not need to be a technical genius or a computer programer. Opportunity is there for us all.

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • Sterling Lowery says:

    That was an excellent Testimony from you Stuart on where you’ve been and what you know works in today’s online economy. This video should go viral soon.

    I didn’t expect this to be a Philosophical video on how you kept bringing up Purpose in one’s life. There’s nothing wrong from talking about it. I just didn’t anticipate it.

    My most favorite part about your motion picture is when you say again that your just an average guy, and it took you around 6 months to start seeing results. As Jim Rohn once said “you can’t change your destination over night, but you can change your direction over night.”

    I agree there is no job security. Which reminds me of a Brian Tracy’s quote “The more security you seek, the less of it you have. But the more opportunity you seek, the more likely it is you will achieve the security what you desire.”

    My guess is your saying Pensions don’t exist either because if the company does have one when they hired us, they can always take it away later.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin.

    No, I don’t believe in evolution. As there is no proof it exist. To this day no archaeologists have found fossils from two different species. But it’s an empowering belief that Tia Lopez has reminded me of.

    Once again this was encouraging to hear from you that there is a better way. And to know when we get goals, we predict our future, when we create plans, we define our future, and when we act, we make our future.

  • Ola Nilsson says:

    Very inspiring, Have you got any courses in London soon?

  • Mehdi Jaber says:

    This was the best overwhelming motivational video I ever saw of Stewart Ross. Today I have made the decision of my life : being a MAN again. see you soon

  • This And That Facts says:

    you might be an average guy but you’re very modest and helpful thank you

  • Scott Anders says:

    Stu, brother, you always keep me riveted! You’re an inspiration! I’m so, so happy to have met you and become a part of the SFM! Thank you a million times over! Much love for you!

  • Christopher Scott says:

    Hi Stuart I’ve just joined sfm I’m looking forward to learning new skills and growing my first online business.

  • Aldebaran 369 says:

    Stuart is a wonderful person and what he said is correct. I feel the same way trying to create a useful purpose for my life, instead of this hamster wheel, being free being able to do all the wonderful things in my heart.

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