The six figure mentors webinars affiliate program

I personally did a(nother) search for online business training programs last year in july.

I do not know about you but I assume you came here for being a part of the easy peasy work from home world where there is no work involved at all to earn a living?

GOSH when this is you READ ON- because work is involved in starting a work from home job or business!

The word WORK should describe this by nature.

Alright and back to the six figure mentors webinars affiliate program.

That is what i can write about because I joined last year and can give you my honest opinion and thoughts around it.

The webinars for members do happen daily except for the weekends.

And these webinars are run by changing moderators of different categories:

  • wakeup call where we learn to stay strong with or find our own voice again to go out telling our stories.
  • Purpose – finding your purpose. Heck this is some I’ve missed being a part of yet
  • marketing blueprint most if not all of the times hosted and run by danielle wilson
  • visionary calls – where stuart ross, jay cubassek share what is on their minds, where the sfm and DEA program will go
  • inside the members area you can also choose from updated webinar recording around Mindset, Success Though Meditaton Webinars and many more that will help you to start understanding yourself much better and to go for the journey of being a digital entrepreneur!

I need to stop here reminding myself about letting you know where there is a connection to the affiliate program!

You can register to new LIVE webinars from the training calendar. The live ones are the most exciting ones as you can guess as you can ask questions – say thanks to the team, community 🙂

Firstly only some of the six figure mentors webinars are connected to the main affiliate program.

For this you being a member should visit the (affiliate) link generator inside the members area to generate your promotable affiliate link to one of the given webinars.

Sign up for the six figure mentors webinars affiliate program watch and listen carefully to fully understand what this is about. It’s completely free to attend.

Think this is the best way to understand it.

Have fun and an awesome life 🙂


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