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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Point Click List Building Software?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Point Click List Building Software?

Email lists are the life blood of any online business and the way you go about creating them will make a difference in how fast you can build them and how professional they are. Many internet marketers will opt for free software or the really cheap kind but what they don’t realize is that for just a small amount of money, they can invest in top quality software that can revolutionize the way they capture leads. In most cases, they choose software that has an integrated autoresponder system buy they fail to make additional considerations. Generally, before you buy or download free software, you need to ask yourself these questions:

• What is a squeeze page and is this the only way I can capture email leads? Ideally, you want to be able to capture leads in many different ways.
• Is the software intuitive and is it easy to use?
• How many different ways can it capture leads? Can it, for instance, organize offers that drive more traffic?
• How long does it take to set up?
• How customizable is it?
These are 5 questions to help you understand that free or cheap software isn’t any good at all. And that is where Point Click List Building Software comes in.
When it comes to capturing email leads, there is nothing better than Point Click Building Software. It comes with many unique features that make it unique:
1. It integrates custom opt-in codes. This allows users to create opt-in pages fast which means they can begin to capture leads almost instantly.
2. Users are able to better organize their offers. A squeeze page creator is not enough; creating offers attracts more traffic which means more leads.
3. It instantly downloads all emails that choose to join the leads. This allows users to follow up instantly with auto responders and offers.
4. It allows the use of videos and reports; today, a lot of traffic is generated through the use of videos. Reports are also important in prompting users to opt in.
5. It comes with hundreds of graphics which makes customization easy and fast.
6. You can create thank you pages that you can use to display special offers and discounts, your own products and even affiliate products.
7. If the design of your squeeze page is important, this is the best list building software for; it gives you full control in squeeze page design and you can choose from all kinds of graphics.
If you want to understand how powerful Point Click List Building software is, click here to watch a brief video.
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