why you hate money

why you hate money

oliver ohene-dokyi did not know thatHi, there me Oliver Ohene-Dokyi writing !

Why do I write this post?

this post about hating money, how I finally got started to love it and how you maybe can do the switch!

It’s not going to be funny, because it is a serious topic.

I’m not a money expert, but need to share with you the good things (okay some bad things too 😉

At the end of this post I will introduce you to what helps me to stop troubling myself with money.

Think you could enjoy your money more some day?

My mindset has changed a lot in only months. More on this later in this post.

The more you hate money or hating to not have enough of it the worse it gets. Reading The Science of Getting Rich can help you turn this around to your benefits!

Talking about money in a different way automatically changes my mood.

I’m working as an artist, entrepreneur, and part time for a varnishing company here in hamburg.

When I played the streets with my guitar I sometimes felt like a fake beggar…

fake beggar

fake beggar

….because I had a home!!

I’m NOT rich, but money and spendings are important.

The one tool to invest into the best possible present and future for my family.

Why do you hate money?

Because it is gone even before you had the chance to enjoy it?

Is it because your job sucks and what you get is simply to little for all that sweat.

Guessing your points is stupid.

You may want to tell me in comments, but I love my money and here is why:

For example: Every dollar I spend into my online business education and that’s $97/month (paid advertising not included) is backing my desire to make a living from my passions alone.

You are privileged!

Do you know how much money you spend on things that are only satisfying you for a couple of minutes?


If you say you do only spend your money wisely and have no problems with your job, than lucky you! But since you are still with me reading my post, you might lie to yourself.

Believe me I did…

Not knowing how to fish maybe is why you hate money so much – The Solution to begin loving money:

  • Learn why having online business skills is like learning how to fish
  • find and enjoy your own purpose (priceless)
  • learn to help others to do their own thing (cool)
  • getting paid for sharing your story (your choice)

Stop hating your cash.

Use your money to help yourself and others.

In other words: Find out how to get you where you want to be!

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