5 questions to create your customer avatar

5 questions to create your customer avatar:

  1. Who is He or She?
  2. How does he or she feels right now?
  3. What are they interested in?
  4. The Stuff that really matters to them?
  5. What kind of problems can you solve for them?

1 Who is He or She?

First of all think about your own situation and what it was that made you create the product you want to sell.

Are you a blogger promoting affiliate products?

Think over what you enjoy about the product and what made you buy it.

Who is the one person actually searching for it?

In contrast to ordinary mass marketing campaigns of candy to people (everyone loves candy and someone will pick ours…)

Coming up with a single and perfect customer avatar increases the long time value for the customer-business relation.

TIP: Go search a picture of person and put it down on your hard-drive or desk to have a face you can write your promotion message to.

Your customer avatar really is the one important thing.

The more you can specify who she or he is  – the better!

Marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one.

Is your perfect costumer a man in the early 40’s hating his job having no kids, but is motivated to do something fulfilling?

Or is it a woman at 20 starting her own online business while studying medicine?

What do they currently earn their living?

2 How does the person feel?

To dive in a bit into this question, let’s pick the man hating his job from above.

He is tired of the daily do’s in his office job.

Wants to start something on his own. Being the better boss.

He feels energetic and is in good shape.

Motivated and ready to do the right things!

But still not in line with his wants and actions.

Can you see how detailed we get here?

We move on to question number 3!

3 What are they interested in?

A closer look on that guy’s avatar

There is strong interest in green living and fair trade stuff.

Want to do good for his family and everyone he meets.

Wants to help others to get the most out of themselves without making this another stressing experience, but a joy ride in itself!

The way is the goal or something like that 🙂

He loves weather, riding his bicycle and nature.

Enjoy music and arts.

Can you think of anything else this person would like or dislike?

I am sure you can!

4 The Stuff that really matters to them?

Why not switch to that young lady starting her own online business to dig in deeper with this question.

Most importantly happiness in life is not based on money but about taking care about her partner and family.

Because she is starting to study medicine, we can somewhat guess that health is important to her as well.

She wants to be financially save.

While not being scared about the health system, she would rather help improving it for good, instead of bragging about it and soon she will start her own online business.

She wants to use her knowledge to help those that can hardly afford medical treatments and know that she needs to have a website.

Her own brand – yeah!

She heard about list building and further more how creating a brand around herself helps businesses and self-starters to reach, market and organize her customers.

Besides from the things mentioned above, I am sure you could add a lot more to this avatar,right?

Let us now come to the final question of the 5

5 What problems can you solve for them?

Now you can connect the dots.

Let’s say you are coolest at creating websites.

You write advertisements or make short videos for exactly that young lady looking to build an online business.

As a result of creating a detailed customer avatar before writing ad copy or recording videos chances increase that the folks find your product and are happy with it!

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