A message to struggling SFM students…

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • Robbie van't Wout says:

    Thanks Stuart for the timely reminder.

  • Tame Martel says:

    thanks stuart.

  • Karen Richardson says:

    So true Stu. It’s taken me 9 months but I’m now making the $1000 commissions. Just stick at it guys.

  • Liberty61 says:

    Hi Stuart. Thank you for making this video. It was just what I needed. Even 2 years after you made it :- ) Kicking myself into action right now…

  • HappyLiving says:

    Very nice, thank you.

  • Debra Martin says:

    Ba ha ha! I love it. 😊

  • Jurate Piepolyte says:

    I just a few days’in’, looking around… great videos, great approach, I love it. Will see how it goes… I think that all results depend on the choice where you put your focus and a possibility to be more grounded at the same time. Thank you!

  • Trish Davies says:

    Such a good video – excellent message for all of us creating an online business! That is exactly what I wanted to hear right at this moment – I know that we are on track – thank you Stu for your honesty and authenticity!!

  • Goal Authority says:

    Nice review. I have many testimonials on my channel if you’re interested.

  • rondell henry says:

    The danger is falling into study mode thinking you dont know enough but it does get easier and i am more than doing the work

  • Daryl G says:

    I don’t even know what sfm is but I respect your mental. An observations!!

  • mlopez6179 says:

    Are you the same guy on that commercial that says one of your locations is in Michigan?

  • pwmkeys7958 says:

    Thanks Stuart
    Im just starting, and until you have your eureka moment, its a bit daunting
    Thanks for your support

  • Philip James Muzalewski says:

    Bloody hell. I love a man who I sense has honour and integrity. This is why I’m enrolling!
    God bless

  • Shay Dean says:

    Hey Stuart Ross I’m 17, not old enough to create a SFM account but I’ve had a passion for business for but have never seen a feasible way to actually achieve it. I believe joining would be both fun and educational and even if don’t earn a profit (obviously I’ll do everything in my power to earn money) it is a path I think would be good to take. I’m intrigued and excited by the idea of making my passions my work and have a lot of respect for the honesty you show towards your students can you help me?


    I have begun the program a few months ago, and I have learned so much. I think it all depends on what your expectations are, and how much you believe in the time and effort spent. If you truly believe in the system and follow it to the tee, your going to make a break-through . Just be patient, keep pressing on, and don’t give up on your dream and everything will fall into place. I live by these guidelines and I will succeed. Thank you Stuart for all that you do!

  • Thashna W says:

    I stood up straighter after listening to you Stu. I just started and am very excited 😊

  • Adriana G says:

    Just sign up…thank you for being honest what might be ahead for me. I never imagined to be easy…but then again everything that is worth having it takes a lots of work and effort to create potentially successful business.

  • Philip James Muzalewski says:

    Absolutely superb.
    That’s a gentleman I’ll be glad to do business with in due course.


    Philip Muzalewski.

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