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A song for each month serie 2010-2011

Thank you for checking out my post around my A song for each month serie 2010-2011

In this post you will find links to the two versions of this album and if you don’t want to buy or download the album for free, the full Youtube Playlist of this Album. Cool 🙂 Well – you’ll check it out, if you haven’t done so already!

The first version and the original in sound was published back in 2011 on nimbit and today you can download the album for free there!

The second version is a audio enhanced in 2018 where i’ve been playing around with some compression,equalizer and a plugin called TDR NOVA a Free Equalizer VST, AU Plugin by Tokio Dawn Records.

Because the sound still is not high end but contains surely all the work creating the 12 songs you can get it from my bandcamp profile for just $3 (you can pay more if you want)

My bandcamp fanclub members get it for free anyways;-)

Taking the free route:

Steps to Download The Album Original Version of This Album 100% FREE

Step 1
Click GET IT FOR FREE button

Step 2
click the orange FREE Button next to the album

Step 3
enter your preferred email address to receive the album in a zip file!

That’s it. Easy,right! Enjoy your free O.O.D. Album

Re-qualized Version:

Download the requalized album version or individual tracks here

Cover Art Album YouTube Playlist

A Song For Each Month Serie

2010-2011 by O.O.D.

Listen now

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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