Parts of Oliver’s story

Hamburg,Germany 8th november 2019.

Hi my name is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi running this website.

I am grateful for you checking out my website 😉

Well, after 44 years living this planet, music is the strongest pull.
Ventures to online business creation,even a shopify store around organic mens wear, and looking for mentors helping to reach my goals i am grateful for just being able to write this.

Hey and I’m a dad (too) now! Not believing to be a partner to a woman nor a dad in my worst time in life between 2000 and 2004.

Full force brake down after a divorce and horrible quit smoking weed experience…

Thank the lord for my ex-wife and me that both of us survived.

I went mad and she was able to see that it was not me being bad to her that time!

Before that horrible time i was creating music most of the time and able to follow up with this given passion then after.

Well, i really was trying to put a smile on peoples faces, making their nights when performing and kept looking for personal success in the music industry until i found/needed to also see how to promote myself online too.

Fortunately and after many online business programs i found people that are the most alligned with what my intention are.


What my music, art and entrepreneurship studies, practices are for:

Seeking for solutions for World Peace in the meaning that = people no longer kill one another for reasons that are based on materialism, envy nor greed, lack of hope or lack of not loving oneself enough.

How i got started with music

Oliver started his love to making music, singing what-ever words he knew at that time while hitting cooking pots with wooden spoons mom gave him at the age of 3.

He enjoyed testing playing the guitar, and keyboards one year to the other and in 1988 his school friend Oliver playing the Guitar and singing

formed a band with him called: O.O.

The two O’s  where OOD played the drums and Oliver T. (Absturz City) had their first super exciting gig being the supporting act for a german band called: Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs and a solo act: King Rocko Schamoni

in a venue called Forum in Osdorf that used to be a meeting point for the youth and party place back in the days.

This real estate is now well packed with Flats.

O.O. grew into The Band: Cool Coon having Christopher (Bass) and Nick ( 2nd and more rythum guitar) playing a few gigs around the corners where he started to sing and play the drums.

After a while C and N left the band but another Oliver joined the 2 O’s playing a funky fabuloso bass.

That happened to be around 1991.

In 1992 Oliver got the chance to perform as a dancer next to the neue deutsche welle artist Frl.Menke and was introduced to the producers and Adrian Askew and Dieter Faber supporting Oliver’s talent big time and managing to record and sign a single Meine Kleine Fee with Sony Music in 1993.

A few years later Oliver was introduced to Thomas Oliviers and lucky join the David – A Musical Hymn

Followed by some other projects produced by Dieter Faber such as Der Notenbaum (credits), where Oliver gave his Vocals to the character: Ohrwurm.

After guest singing and nationally promo-touring the song When it’s Cold by the Acid Jazz Band Dis-Jam

Meeting Eric Aning, Drelo (Andreas Losch) who worked with Oliver after his breakdown 2000-2004 (more on this later) and Eduardo Garcia recording some songs for Schacht Musikverlage.

Still mostly singing hooks for a german rhyming rap artists, Oliver got the opportunity to work with Frank Ramond. The songs yet didn’t tickle it…

Eric and Oliver also connected with Bülent Aris to record Oliver’s debut album based upon Eric’s and Oliver’s pre-productions and while time passed and Oliver got impatient, they didn’t continue working when Oliver met (another) producer from the Boogie Park Studio in 1996 to sign an exclusive author deal with warner chappell that oliver quitted in 2005.

Being interested in acting Oliver got the chance to act in some German movies/series such as Crash Kids with Marek Harloff (Oliver’s Role: Flip) or in 1999 in Zwei Männer Am Herd  with Wolfgang Viereck (Oliver’s Role in one Episode: Luis – skip to 20:00min – Overacting and super nervous – something to laugh about and not much better at 39:45min 🙂 well…

Working with his grant-cousin Nana – Darkman for his Album 12-YO: The Song they made together is: Any 1 Out There .

EMI Electrola being a guest singer for a project called: Shy Moon rapping/lyricist for EMI Electrola

After a 4 year period when Oliver was pretty out of balance and literally unable to create any new music at all, he was blessed being given new inspiration in 2004.

The debut O.O.D. Album: No Revenge and follow up Album: Who are You got released.

Oliver’s semi-acoustic-guitar and vocals – produced softly and with no pressure by Drelo (Andreas Losch).

Check’em out: O.O.D. Singer Song Writer Releases

No Revenge

Who Are You


Oliver was able to perform his singer-songwriter songs mostly in germany on the streets and multiple local venues such as the Hard-Rock Cafe Cologne, The Academy, Kukuun, Santa Pauli, Kampnagel, HH1-Frühstücksfernsehen, Tide TV to name a few. Watch Oliver’s Balcony TV Performance of the Song Dissatisfactory

Since then Oliver has produced 24 One Man Band Albums. Learn more about these O.O.D. Music Releases


Matscane produced O.O.D.’s first Music Video for the Singer-Songwriter Version of the song: Kings And Queens and a second one with the O.O.D. Band for the Song: Mindchameleon

Oliver loves painting and is having fun creating music videos to some of his home-studio productions.

Subscribe to the O.O.D. Music Channel to get notified upon his next video release.

Some more projects where you can hear Oliver sing are: Laas Unltd Begins (featured on track: Selbst Wenn) or Turn it On (Rollin’ Case Club) originally produced for a commercial in 2006.

Oliver sings the Hook on the Fettes Brot Absturz City Remix of An Tagen wie Diesen and is singing in the choir of some Howard Carpendales songs in howie’s Album Stark Howard Carpendale

In 2008 Marc Stigler and Oliver formed the O.O.D. Band and produced the album: Decomplicate The Talk at the Ultraschall Studio’s with Folke (Ledernacken).

The 9th and last track: Humanize the People was produced by Jens Lück at The Art of Music

Live Performance Participants of the O.O.D. Band: Aurel Bantzer, Sven Neigenfind, Marc Stigler, Karsten Nagel, Kai Beyer. more about the O.O.D. Band

Special Thanks to the founders, staff, the many musicians from the SoulEdge and the Metrosession for allowing me to join the jam session’s!

More on O.O.D. Music Releases

Checkout Oliver’s Songs and Album Understanding The World for free on Spotify

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Thanks so much again for browsing by and wishing all the peace and love and success you desire and need!!

For more information about what I am up to please check out my portfolio

Thanks and Have a wonderful Life 🙂
Oliver Ohene-Dokyi