All About Fair Trade

You won’t believe what i told myself that i thought i knew about fair trade 20 years from now.

So it was tough and fun to me to hear what people close or not that close said or say about fair trade.

To understand a little bit about fair trade you surely must read some of what is often poetically written/printed on your fair trade coffee or any other product that aims to trade (produce) a fair product.

Fair trade facts wikipedia can knock you off or lift you up. JING JANG? or Silly WING WANG?! You stamp it your way… or add NEW fair trade facts yourself 😉

What is fair trade to me and why is this post all about fair trade?

Read on if you dare and let me invite you to my view around and connection to fair trade

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi All About Fair Trade?


when you produce a thing then sell it all on your own – you know exactly what you needed in order to create the product right?

Selling stuff on – you name it – you know how it was made?

When you cook a meal you know the ingredients right?

What do you think is a green business trying to do to his employees and nature?

Treat them in a fair way?

What is your personal definition of FAIR?

Look – in sports you have a term Fairplay? oooops – bad example and too broad.

I believe fair trade is only a form of self controlling what finally ends in my body or shapes my environment. If i would want to dig really deep into every product labled being fair traded/produced under fair trade certificates and the stamp list could go on…

I would without no doubt have to travel each and every factory where the thing was manufactured to see if:

the working conditions of the individual worker are safe

if the workers are protected by the company in cases of illnesses, accidents and in cases of the company itself changes their business model.

That the worker is earning a salary that to the minimum is higher of the product factory next door NOT producing under the Shield of Fairness is higher and that medical care / social security is taken care of.

I do not want to explode the list but it will be far longer if i would have to go to bed now.

You got the point, right?

I am deeply excited about how many brave people do CONTROL people in parts of the world they don’t actually live in people to ensure that they are not exploited by the next verx brother and sister though this should and will stop to happen in every country or village people live in on this beautiful planet.

We create our future with everything human wants including fair trade and worldpeace!

What else?

In my song By The Hands of Fair Trade (page 124) i briefly and with rhymes describe how fair trade has been one of many factors to set worldpeace.

Saying that there is no longer a need for humans to kill one another for the reasons that deal with religion, or property, and territorial arrogances.

It took a good number of generations to fully understand that reources are without limits and that humans are ONE FAMILY.

To dig into the song Track #2 See/listen in the OOD Album Running Gag

running gag
OOD ALBUM Running Gag

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