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Breakthroughs in Immunity | Stem cell therapy for COVID-19 w/ Dr. Bob Hariri and Dr. Peter Diamandis

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If you are like many people, you’re trying to make sense of all the information about coronavirus that is being shared 24 hours a day on television, headline news, and across social media channels around the world.
It’s a lot to keep up with and comprehend as new numbers and statistics about COVID-19 are being broadcast around the clock. In this episode, we’re bringing you two long-time, leading physicians to provide context and clarification of the facts.

Dr. Peter Diamandis and Dr. Bob Hariri will break down the coronavirus data you’re seeing and hearing from the media. Dr. Hariri, a surgeon, biomedical scientist and serial entrepreneur in biomedical technology will also share some of his team’s breakthroughs in a stem cell treatment that could prove to be an effective solution for COVID-19.

Note: This interview was recorded Thursday, April 9.



Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted

Where Has SARS Gone?

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  • What I respect about Tony Robbins?
    I know what my favorite things is Tony Robbins Authenticity and how he don't give a crap about what other's think about his convictions.
    I feel like I have always grown in ways I can't even label after I listen. I think the biggest one is... it's OK to be me :)
    I used to feel guilty about the 18-20 hours I literally spend at my computer 6-7 days a week, it's my passion.
    Please subscribe to my channel just starting to reach out on YouTube and I have 4 subscriber's ( I know right lol ).
    Pleave a comment and I will return the fav... Keith

  • Bill gates has an interesting idea of bringing in a mandatory vaccine with his ID2020 microchip. Check that out

    • Cody Brundage Bill Gates wanting time depopulate 80% of the world population? Forced mandatory vaccinations with his ID2020 microchip??? Look up New world order. Microchipped cashless society.

  • Don’t trust bill gates. Don’t trust Fauci. Don’t trust mainstream media.

  • Mainstream pushes fear. The most people die from cancer, heart disease, and medication from big pharma yet they aren’t banning fast food, cigarettes, or the poison that fda passes.
    Read the Georgia guidestones. They want people sick and/or dead.

  • Tony! Thanks for continued inspiration. It has really motivated me to grow my Real Estate Business and this little Youtube channel of mine where I support AZ's small business!

  • Let's be honest Tony, it is a conspiracy.
    Bill Gates has his claws all over this one.
    They bringing in the technocracy while they impoverish the middle class.
    These tyrants will be overcome, but we need to call a spade a spade.
    Understand it's not good fro your brand to openly say this but can see you are hinting at it in the video.
    Love your work mate.

  • goverments dont panic as much with air pollution which kills many too for example and like someone said, food..obesity diabetes, tobacco, alcohol, (yet weed which is much more safe, its non toxic cant overdose on it, alcohol yes can kil and its less addictive little to no in fact, yet that is illegal, good thing thats starting to change..better if vaped too aha smoke cant be good) I don't see drastic measures to try to fight that and it kills maaany people, though its true its a new virus and its unpredictable and hospitals can get overwhelmed so we need to be careful, but what I'm trying to say is that there are so many silent killers..pesticides, toxic additives in food..fluoride in water! prescription drugs kill many I heard too. also there are many people claiming that treatments such as hydroxychloroquine works, combined with atrizin I think and zinc, by the way interesting to note that Fauci was head of a research institute that found out years ago that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the SARS which is 80% similar to this virus..! also, a professor found out that most people who died had low amounts of selenium which is a nutriment(a metal in fact but trace amounts in food) that we must have in small quantities, that's very interesting I think..also, what about Vitamin D ? one of the most important vitamin for the immune system and most people in the northern hemisphere are deficient during winter month !!(when the flu is most active..coincidence? you decide) what about Vitamin C and Zinc aswell ? there needs to be studies about that. also this virus target (kills) not only the elderly but people with hypertension, diabetes and obesity. now, instead of working on vaccines and find molecules or medications that ultimately will profit big pharma, how about we fight the root of the problem ? I prefer natural medicine if there is a treatment that can heal people without major side effects and affordable it can only be a good thing but you get my point, looking forward to hear about this stemcell therapy it sounds good, 15mn I had to express my thoughts 😎 oh and eye opening about how the nose mucus test only means "have it in the nose/mucus and suppose even lungs "BUT doesn't mean infected/in bloodstream..very interesting thanks for making this interview Tony, these are good guys! and they're cool too

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