Episode 5: CONSCIOUSNESS | Unleash Your Gift


Consciousness = CARING

Consciousness is a concept that can sound esoteric, but all it really means is CARING.

The simple truth is, the more we care about others, the more ALIVE and ENGAGED we’re going to feel.

We all have a great gift as humans. We get to expand our consciousness through caring for others — beyond our self — and cultivating daily practices to live more mindfully.

The holiday season is a wonderful time of being with our family, loved ones, and ourselves in a more PRESENT state — with more compassion and awareness.

When we care at this depth, we are awake to the miracle of life.

Watch this latest episode of our all-new #UnleashYourGifts series then leave a comment and let me know: how could YOU bring more care and conscious awareness to your life TODAY.

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  • JAKE aus/nz says:

    Thank You! 😃 righttimerightplace

  • Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace says:

    Meditation makes your consciousness wider,expands it, makes it as big as the sky, and it can contain infinite love, infinite joy

  • Gaby Curi says:

    We are animals..Compassion to all creatures in Earth.. This is real awareness and consciousness.. We all live in the same planet…. Lets start to live respecting the laws of nature.. In peace… If we want that peace.. We have to be that… We canot want or desire peace and love or success.. When another creatures are suffering.. That is not coherent… HUMANS ANIMALS ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM OTHER ANIMALS… WE ARE NOT LIVING IN CAVE MEN ERA… so much progress and tecnological advances… So… Lets grow as Real Humans too.. We are together in this

  • Helmut Schmacker says:

    Merry Christmas Big fella!

  • KimchiBBQ친구 says:

    Love you both so much Tony and Ms.Robbins~ Merry Christmas to you both~😉👍🙏🙇🙋🎥😘

  • The Living Better Podcast says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST TONY, SUCH AN INSPIRATION! We started our own podcast because of you and your inspiration.

  • S P says:

    Good morning sir

  • Snow Flowset says:

    Love his voice

  • RosAnn says:

    A very happy Christmas to you Tony..love you lots thanks for all you do xo

  • Jerry Espinosa says:

    Thank you Tony
    Thank you for all what you do for other people.
    Merry Christmas!!

  • Lion_ Anon says:

    Think he mixed up consciousness and conscientiousness

  • Ava says:

    Thank you. I get stuck at times though, Ive been hurt and used so many times its hard to let go and trust. To open myself to care and take part in the world takes trust.

  • Nameless Guy says:

    Professor stick: 🤦

  • Motivizorr says:

    it is better if you upload much more watch time

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