Selling products has become more difficult. You need to know who you want to sell your product to.

This free online course by Stuart Ross is not for everyone, but should help you to get clearer and to finally create your best match costomer avatar

Stuart Ross interviews DEA student and family man Christian Bir on his journey of online entrepreneurship.

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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  • Thanks Stuart and Christian. Just what I needed today. Very inspirational and completely put my mind at rest that i am in the right place doing the right thing. Patience and Consistency!!

  • Interesting video, nice insight to both of your stances regarding affiliate marketing.
    Just on my second video in the introduction stages, wish you all every success in the world and one day hope to join you all on our quests to find financial freedom, health wealth, love and happiness.

  • Thanks Stuart and Christian for this interview. You guys are totally my role models in how you live life and conduct your business. I love how you-re both dedicated to helping others in their journey as much as possible. Thanks

  • I enjoy watching these casual conversations. Real information given in a way I can relate and absorb. Thank you both!

  • Very interesting and informative chat from you both as well as very entertaining. I wish the best for you both and your families. Happy New Year.

  • This interview is full of great insights by two of my personal mentors! Stuart and Christian, thank you so much for all the value you provide to your students, clients and to our online community of digital entrepreneurs!

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