help others to succeed 7 tips to get started!

help others to succeed 7 tips to get started!

1 Start with yourself and love yourself, your life and your job!

It must not be hard to understand that being able to read this posts set you apart from still too many people unable to read at all and even worst being not allowed to read at all – taking me to tip #2..

2. Being grateful helps to help others to succeed!

Yes be grateful for making mistakes, having friends a partner a hobby something to eat and shelter!

Be grateful for being the person you are, the way you look and the way you talk! All these things make you unique and are loved by others. Many times the things you don’t like about yourself are the most attracting to others. You little specials:)

3. Every day is a gift! Just made a quick snap from out of our living room 12 am (sunny day outside:)

Being alive is a state of state. What there comes after is another story so what else to look for for now than looking at each day as being your birthday and the gift given? Nothing.

The doors are open and you decide to walk in and out, to take responsibility for your actions and about your connections. They respond in ways you can imagine them to be.

4. see what you deserve (vision goals)

Remember that it takes your actions towards the goals you want to achieve and if you live by this routine others will almost automatically be interested on how you achieved them!

Why are how to books, videos and blog posts so popular? Exactly.



5. your business is (you) your friend – treat it right

6. Invest in yourself buildto help others succeed

(ebooks, expert coaching, digital marketing online business training, your topic…)



Think and Grow Rich PDF masterminds

Watch the movies:

The Shift

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer





The Secret – The law of attraction


Peace love and


Life is a Gift!

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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