How should I deal with my negative spouse?

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Dealing with Negativity when Starting a New Business
If you’re thinking of starting your own business, you’re more than likely to encounter individuals who are going to doubt your capabilities and even talk you out of pursuing your dreams. I was recently asked a question regarding this topic—How do you deal with a negative spouse or anyone who makes negative comments about starting your own business?

Are People Out to Dissuade You?

Well, if you’ve come across people – even close family members – who outwardly express their skepticism, you need to understand that your ideas and opinions may challenge people to the point that they begin to question their personal lives, their achievements, insecurities, and even shortcomings. I experienced the same negative comments when I shared my business model with an uncle before starting out. I remember feeling deflated and low in confidence at the time. As I continued to educate myself, I found inspiration, and this motivated me to succeed. I communicated with aspirational people, stayed away from gunslingers and eventually it all worked in my favor.

Going Against the Norm

If you go about sharing your big ideas with people, you will end up triggering them off, and they’ll most likely tell you why your business is going to fail. One of the reasons why this happens is because a vast majority of the population are stuck in their ways. They strongly believe they have to work long hours or even work in the same job for 40 odd years to make sufficient capital for their retirement years. So, if you were to talk to them about building a business around your passion, traveling, having greater flexibility, and making more money, they would most certainly shoot down your idea because it’s a deviation from what’s considered normal.

Your ideas would eventually make them question their own decisions in life, and as human beings, they’ll start defending their own choices by reminding you how slim your chances are of being successful.

One way to overcome this is to stop discussing your dreams and aspirations with naysayers. It’s important, however, to find people that inspire you and connect with like-minded people through events, seminars or online communities. That’s one way to remain focused on your goals and to not let their comments dampen your aspirations.

Should you End a Relationship?

If your partner is not supporting you, it can really discourage you from pursuing your dreams. I’m hardly a relationship advisor, but from my own experiences and what I’ve witnessed, I’ll suggest two things. One is to talk less about your aspirations and focus on growing your business instead. The moment your spouse sees the outcome of your effort, they might turn around. My second suggestion is to ask yourself whether you’re spending time with the right people. If your spouse, family members or circle of friends are going to dissuade you and bring down your self-esteem, you have to find out whether there needs to be a shift in your surroundings.

If you remain in the presence of positive, driven, and successful people who have the same mindset as yours, you’ll enjoy the road to success. If you’re surrounded by negative, disrespectful and pessimistic people, their attitudes will eventually rub off on you and keep you from your dreams.

Be your Own Cheerleader

So, if it’s abundance and freedom you’re after, stop trying to convince others and focus on achieving your business goals instead. Stay positive and once you begin to reap the rewards, it’s up to you whether you still want to invest in that relationship or not.

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