How struggling artist can start an online business

Yes, I’m a struggling artist but in many many ways I have chosen for myself to struggle.

oliver ohene-dokyi did not know that

Here is why: I didn’t want to work with or for everyone,

I wanted and still want my art to be more special and different to art that already exists and last but not least: My art must inspire and give hope to people at every point or sound.

Sure I had to struggle in life and overcame many of these obstacles through being able to create art (again). Music, performing music is so powerful. You know how powerful it is so there is not more to say. But the feeling and struggle to being or not being able to go shopping – for new guitar strings, paint , milk fair trade coffee the list every month sure goes on is with everyone living this planet.

In my early days of performing music, I was lucky to learn from people making their living from either being music producers or performing artists. While me still letting my parents pay the bills for the major part in my living, school stuff, rent, food and so on and so forth (parents may know a lot more things) I earned myself pocket money to spend on things that helped me to tighten my joy being creative. Whatever the day came I was fully responsible for paying my bills and I had to find ways to do so.

Gigging around was not enough so I needed a part-time job.

In 2008 I was lucky to start one, being a varnishing helper and driver, preparing elements of machine to get the varnishing and picking them up and delivering them back to the customers

The genius machine, tools clever people invented that for examples can cut miles of paper in just minutes.

The rest of my day was and is reserved for working out my passions that are music, arts, and online business creation.

So, I was looking for and learning about turning my passions into a living and help others to do the same thing.

The online coaching I found is excellent and advanced enough for me 😉 to pay for it.

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