how to advertise on udimi

how to advertise on udimi

How to advertise on udimi and what helped me to generate a good number of leads during this and starting in august 2017.

I tend to buy 50-100 visitors from changing solo ad sellers.

Anyway – results can not be copied or duplicated in no way. People always react differently to what is going on in time… whatever 😉

In other words – I am not getting the exact same results from one run to the other.

My prime offer of course is the SFM Free Trial, because I’m a grateful member of the digital business educational platform and community myself. It is a good fit for me and can only recommend it to people interested in helping others to be the best of themselves, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, love and gratitude 🙂

Then I do promote reads for entrepreneurs. Here are 4 examples on one splash page i made for them.

Finally, I re-created another product with a prominent opt-in form on top of the page that invites self-starting digi-bizzers to sfm’s 7 day video training series – again.

Example of one email that was pretty much converting.

PLEASE use it as a guideline of what to write in YOUR own email!


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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

P.S. when you see this you will instantly recognize them and know why they can help you like they helped me.


Hope you could get an idea of what you could try to promote on udimi yourself.

“All best for you and Life is a Gift :-)!”

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