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Let me tell you a bit on how to find good online business mentorship in this short blog post now.

I tried to connect with many online business experts during the last 10 years and yes I was not able to put to work what they told me to do to be as successful as they are.

Was it their fault?

NO. I did skip lessons didn’t invest enough time nor money into my online business SO of course this could not work.

Don’t Give Up!


Anyways – last year I found mentors and a community that really showed me that I need to do the right things at the right time, putting the right energy into it.

And voila – I’m getting results!

Sounds easy right? Well, I can not assume you will get the same results that fast nor that anything of what you will learn will connect with Your awesome Style 😉
but I invite you to meet them and their digital business insights that could get you some sleepless nights…

Meet (try) my mentors and community from request online business mentoring

Please leave me a comment about your struggles working online, but do not shout names on mentors that could help you.

99% of what goes wrong in your life is from your thoughts towards succeeding 😉


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