How to give more than you take

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How to give more than you take – Think you can give something right now?

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Get started giving!

Think you have nothing to give?

Believe me you have!

I have made many mistakes in my life:

  • Spent money on things I didn’t really need.
  • Drank too much.
  • Laughed too loud when it was not good to laugh at all.
  • Got to bed to late having to work next day. And things we may talk over privately 😉
  • list could go on…

Nobody is… Yes – Perfect.

But many our failures are of value to people that maybe are in the same or different situation right now.

Can you think about someone reading this at 3 am having a test or life changing job to do tomorrow…

If mom, or dad, the partner or friend couldn’t help this person to better relax now. May be this post can 🙂


The power of giving!

give more than you take your story is value to others

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Now it is your turn to give without taking

Give away your very unique question without expecting an immediate answer (taking!!) into the comment box below.

Anyways, you maybe still want to know how this could help you.


  • You could start giving away your best giving instead of taking tips to help others.
  • Chances are you won over a bad situation others are fighting with right now!
  • You may find new friends and
  • A spot for your link. When you are polite!

You got it!

But please do only post comments that are friendly and supportive! NO LINKS TO PORN, GAMBLING, twitter terms of use like! Guess, you got me.

I’ll try to answer your questions and react to comment as soon as I can!

I would love to help you with your question.

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