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How To Sell Online

The world is of the same speed as long as you know yourself…

When you want to reach your ideal prospect, you can make use of a dozen tools or companies that will help you to get a person to buy your product Or your story is so touching that people will buy from you no matter how good or bad your product is…

When you think you have a product that is of value and solves a problem for a group of people – serves a need – than still many times word of mouth (going viral) will do a good and affordable to no cost at all marketing job.

Banner Advertising

The most ads on Facebook would not make a click or retarget/remarket without a display ad / banner ad.

Huge brands stick to what sends a ROI.

Email marketing and salesfunnels

Knowing the need of your ideal prospects is one part of selling online.

Advertising to the right People at the right time.

In the mid of the months when bills are paid…

My Banner


Google Analytics

Know your channels!

Who visits your site?

What devices do people use to come to your website?

What turns them off and what page do they leave from?

Do folks come back for more?

What goals do you or your site aims to reach?

Check out Google analytics