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How do you get signed to a major record label?

How do you get signed to a major record label?


About me:


I was born in Kumasi Ghana in 1975.

Grew up in Hamburg germany and love to sing and create music since I can think!


Love to play drums, guitar, keys, bass, write lyrics and love singing of course.



Here’s how I got my first major record deal:


I got my first record deal after working hard on songs with my first music producer for about two years.

Amazing fun but work!


He who was very ambitious turning his love to music into a living, was a friend of a national pop artist I used to dance for at that time (1991).


I showed this pop artist some of my homemade recordings while heading over to venues where we performed her songs and some recordings of the band I joined at the age of 13, where I sung and played the drums.


The producer found a writer for the lyrics and me and the producer created the music.


After some attempts to other major record companies, my producer found interest in our material with Sony Music (Sony BMG those days).


It only took some changes on the material according to the roughness in sound, hiring a lawayer (specialist in media/a-level artists) and my producer was able to land the deal!


The songs have been professionally mixed and mastered and can still be listened to.

Oliver Dokyi Meine Kleine Fee Cover

Meine kleine fee ep cover Oliver dokyi

Simply search for: Oliver Dokyi – Meine Kleine Fee


All in all even if I had the capability of singing and composing music (there are so many amazing music creators all around and always upcoming) , with no doubt I must have to give the main credits to closing the record deal to my former producer.


Working this out was so much fun to me.

I got picked up from school many times, got invited to eat many times and even got paid for the record and because of the intelligence inside the agreement between us and the record company we even received money canceling the contract.


We wanted to create music with English words instead of using the German language. The company didn’t like that idea so what.



If you aim for a record deal be sure to approach and work with professionals from the go! Your family and friends and their friend and the friends of these riends and the family of the friends friends… Probably already know how…. You are do they know how to go pro? Ask again, again, again, ask a pro who has been there or get pro feedback until you get there, ask your f(riend)ans…. Until they ask for more more more…


This will save you a lot of time.

Still this does not mean that you can get a major deal by working your way up in streaming platforms, but still major label need to have a pretty much complete product to promote on their behalf.


Like any other industry people want to make a profit to share with their employees and for the good of their own choosing…


And if you need any help getting major deal you can find many amazing free content these days online!


Show’em what you got!


Much love,

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi



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