How To Grow An Emaillist

First Step

Find out what kind of valuable information you can write about!

Visit groups that interest you

look for questions and see if you could add value to the group.

Make sure to take notes and journal your journey!

After a longer list of notes,answer,create an email list (newsletter) around the most relevant questions and answers.

You don’t need to be an expert to start an email list. Make it fun and get started!

If you know just a little bit about one topic you can be sure someone else shares this interest and maybe needs your help!

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Next Step

Get an autoresponder email management system to get the email address of a person that is interested in your type of information.

There are so many email management systems outthere that you need to check them out to finally get your winner. Many of them are free to start or free until you reach a specific amount of subscribers.

I’m using aweber for years now and enjoy the overall workflow,pricing and support

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Aweber comes with many tools such as a Landing Page Builder (hosted on Aweber servers so you don’t need just yet your own domain and hosting),and many tips on how to build and grow your email list

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Final Steps

Share your expertise everywhere people need it. When you get asked where to get more information from you invite them to your Newsletter.

Many times people will search you out and look for a way to receive tips from you!

This probably happens as often as people unsubscribe from information they no longer need 😉