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  • Mihai Codreanu says:

    I like that! A realistic morning routine custom to yourself which will take about half an hour. For me something longer than that won’t work because I like to start working on my plans for the day asap.
    And I also liked what you said about thinking of things that you’re greatfull for related mostly to the previous day. I definitely have to work more on that. But I noticed my myself that when I did it my mood and my energy improved.
    Great share!

  • Santiago 1966 says:

    Thank you Stu! Great piece of advise indeed. I need to improve my morning setup.

  • Kevin Robbins says:

    Hi Stu, have you tried HIIT Training? It’s a great workout for when travelling as you don’t need any equipment and it takes 30 minutes max. Joe Wicks (the body coach) is an amazing place you start, if you’re interested. He has a you tube channel with dozens of HIIT videos you can try

    • Stuart Ross says:

      Hey Kevin. I sure have. Makes up about 2-3 of my workouts each week. These days i don’t schedule my workouts so much. But I do workout. What I find as as long as I start my day right I tend to make good choices in my days – which includes workouts. I rarely workout less that 4 times a week. But When I am travelling and I am really tight on time I let myself off with just a bit of movement and stretching.

    • Kevin Robbins says:

      Stuart Ross – I’m in completely the same boat, i work out at least 4 times a week and if I start my day with a workout and getting myself in the right frame of mind for the day my day flows a lot better, I make good decisions and feel better about myself, which I think ultimately is what people want.

  • Mark Goujon says:

    Stuart, happy to see you posting videos on your channel! Great advice on your morning routine. I’m going to implement your tips on drinking water and movement. I avoid my phone too when I first wake up to focus on my daily progress on projects. I’ll definitely share your videos with my subscribers as well. Thank you!

    • Stuart Ross says:

      Hey Mark, thanks. Yea I really have been meaning to do youtube consistently for a long time… It’s close to becoming a priority as it’s my favourite platform… Do get that water down… It will change your life 🙂

  • Pasticceria Amalfi Francesco development says:

    Where do you leave in the UK? I leave in the UK too. I like your academy and I would like to know a bit more details about joining.

  • Brenda Campbell says:

    Great video Stuart. I need to implement this in my daily routine. I usually grab coffee first thing and check all emails and messages before doing anything else. I can see changing this routine will be very beneficial. Gratitude is something we all need to work on 💞. I’m grateful for you and everything you have brought to my life. Thank you Stuart.

  • Gil Balfas says:

    Welcome back Stu.

  • Jill harding says:

    Welcome to ozy . See you on saterday . Yahoo cant wait

  • Gil Balfas says:

    Please do more videos. Always, always a source of inspiration and more often than not, a gold nugget insight is left behind.

  • Greg C. says:

    Thanks Stu! Yes, please post more videos!! 🙂
    I liked what you said about keeping it simple and how if our morning routine is too elaborate and we miss a part, it feels like we failed. And that’s definitely counterproductive haha

  • Michaël SIMONE says:

    Thanks Stu, great video, I borrowed a few ideas from you 🙂

  • __ says:

    I love this guy “I´m just pacing around the bloody house” XD

  • Patrik Hillerhag says:

    Cheers Stu! Gonna create a similar routine for myself

  • Jason Price says:

    Hey Stuart, only came across you today through general YouTube browsing. Love the videos on here and the introduction to SFM; never even entertained the idea of starting to look at potential income through online sources before, but now I’m seriously interested so thank you. Also great that you’re a fellow Englishman (I live North Bucks myself). Keep up the good work. All the best 👍

  • Lars Deshayes says:

    Thank you Stuart.. 🙂

  • TheSwissfroggy says:

    Hey Stu, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and personal actions about rituals. It gives you a touch of being human 🙂 and I’m sure it gives many watchers some ideas and motivation as it gives to me. Thanks and Cheers, Beat

  • Jen Pucci says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Stu! “Gratituding” each am is everything! 💫

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