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First of all let me be clear that I’m not an online business expert!

Even if I was able to sell my own and affiliate products from my online promoting efforts, I am not making a living from my online business while writing this!

When I got started adding my products to the internet by launching my very first website in 2005 I was promoting it by the good old word of mouth technique.

So, whenever I performed my music LIVE, and got asked for my website I handed out a flyer or got me something to write down my website address.

Over the years I kept searching for experts that already have accomplished so called online success, but I quickly realized that it will require a lot of (extra) work for me to do in order to make more sales of my products or invite more people to my concerts.

But apart from creating music, art and videos, developing digital skills became quite exciting to me as well.

This even got more exciting when I was able to earn extra income as an affiliate for someone else’s products.

I wanted to share this discovery with the „world“ and launched multiple sites, memberships and blogs since then, to finally focus on 1 Flagship affiliate product and List Building.

My online business tips for you

Know your ideal client

be very clear of the person you want to help!
Get expert digital tools and mentoring, to actually learn the stuff that will fit your current situation.

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