Our training courses suck! So I was told

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Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

  • Sandra Lemming says:

    Okay so according to this guy who emailed you ( if I pay $100.000 to study Law at Uni, 6 months after finishing my degree I should be making thousands a month if not recouped the money paid out to do the 7 year course) ahahahaha right,
    some-one should tell him the world doesn’t work that way and never has from what I can read in the history books. Talk about an attention seeker man someone should send him a pink skirt with a card saying “Suck it up Princess and grow some balls”

  • Maria Guinane says:

    Refreshingly honest

  • Nils Rahm says:

    You’re really sharp and to the point in this video Stuart, really inspiring for me to see, I haven’t seen you this intense before. Thank you for that message!

  • Mark Ford says:

    Indeed, refreshingly honest and to the point. I invested thousands into law studies but it was down to me to pass and no one else. I didn’t expect to pass, it came down to the actions I took.

  • Ike English says:

    Stuart,  Your honesty and professionalism is definitely one of the reasons why I joined the team.  SFM in my opinion is definitely Top Knotch!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Jessica Berger says:

    Bravo!  Props to addressing the “Entitlement” issue!  THANK YOU!

  • Jeremy D. Wilson says:

    Amen Stuart!!! I spent a small fortune on college studying Music and Vocal Performance and then spent many years afterwards working very hard attempting to get into the music industry. I was successful at starting several bands and playing/performing all over the states and even in Nashville, Tennessee, however, I never profited a single dime as any money I made from my music was immediately reinvested in equipment, instruments, traveling, CD production recordings, copywriting, advertising, etc. In all reality, I spent 10 times if not 100 times the amount of money just trying to do the work and that doesn’t even include the amount of cash I spent on my education through college. It took me nearly 20 years to finally pay off the college tuition debts and I still to this day see absolutely no return…In other words, I paid a heck of a lot of money for an “Experience!” LOL!!! In present tense, I am proud to be a part of the SFM community and education courses and I know that it will not be the education itself that makes me a success as an online entrepreneur (because the education is just a “tool” to help me learn how to “get there”, but rather it will be the actions I take combined with consistency, mindset and persistence that will enable me to become a success at this amazing business. Thank you for all the work and countless hours you’ve put in to create such a great platform and I look forward to seeing you “At The Top” one day!!! All The Best, Jeremy David Wilson http://www.JeremyDavidWilson.com

  • Toni Prince says:

    Hi Stuart , what do I have to do to become your student,? Thanks

  • Kristen KC says:

    i’m gonna join SFM soon!

  • Kristen KC says:

    i’m gonna join SFM soon!

    • Kristen KC says:

      Hello Barbara! how long have you been a member of SFM? Do i have to invite other people to sign up so i can keep my membership?

    • Barbara Brenchley says:

      Hello Kristen, I am now in my 2nd month of being with SFM and am loving it. What level are you enrolled at? You should at least be working your way through the basic training modules which will tell you step-by=-step what you should do. You can’t really skip anything if you’re new at marketing because you’ll miss something really important. Be aware that this business system is not a get-rich-quick thing, it will take time and commitment but it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck, Barbara

  • Jessica Stables says:

    I love how real you are Stuart! This video proved to me that I was making the right decision signing up with SFM. The very fact that you say (over & over) that you need to do the work & work hard is so honest and what I wanted to hear.

  • Brian G. Brown says:

    Stuart… thanks for keeping it real… I know this was posted in 2014… but it’s just as relevant today! No compromise…. no surrender… some people are victims and some are overcomers! Life is too short, in my mind, to be a victim. Spot on with this message. Thanks for being you!

  • Steven Brick says:

    You are so right Stu….!!!
    I personally am a bodybuilding enthusiast and have diligently studied and applied various approaches to get the best results over the years. I hear some people bashing some of the methods I personally have spent a lot of time learning and applying and when I hear what they have to say, I can clearly see that they did not study a theory or propperly apply the theory they are so seemingly an expert on with bashing rights. Why people knock things they honestly do not try, I will never understand myself.

  • Marius Du Plooy says:

    Stuart great thanks for that very straight forward peace of mind advice. Please spoil your self and also check out this person, young and dynamic and very very successful in his MLM business. He is Sashin Govender from World Ventures. Let me know if you have done so if that was your choice to do so. Great video and blessing.

  • jason oakes says:

    love the honesty

  • Alberto Taveras says:

    So I must be weird right? because I am living proof of your program, as I take advantage of the learning as Stuart has recommended from the gecko….Have completed 20 certificates on Lynda.com that I enjoy so much, like “Content Writing, SEO Optimization, WordPress, PR” the list extends pretty far and that I put 8 hours a day, which I do enjoy learning my way to Digital Marketer. Man, oh men!!! my life is awesome because of you my friend, my brother Stuart…… Thank you for the inspiration, my friend, thank you so much… God Bless You!!!

    • Stuart Ross says:

      Love it Alberto. It’s one thing having access to training it’s another thing to actually consume it and act on it. Happy to hear from you!

  • Rick Hendriks says:

    Love this video Stuart. Great putting this out there !!

  • Rev Wolf says:

    Just now seeing this for some reason. Isn’t it funny how when someone fails at something, they always blame someone else? Be it a teacher, mentor, program, etc? 🤔🤔

  • Mark Goujon says:

    Stuart, thank you for keeping it real with this candid and insightful video. People rack up thousands of dollars in student loans for a college degree and expect to land a six figure income just because they have a piece of paper. The reality is whether you get a college education or watch online training course, it’s how you implement the information that makes the difference. Information without action is just another form of entertainment.

  • Atif Husain says:

    I saw your add and it was misleading. It said free. Yet the minute i went further it said to sign up and the cost is…. wtf is free. If you are not honest from the start i can only imagine how much bigger the lies will be after i give in to the fraud. Cheers.

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