Stop Being A Struggling Artist – 4 Tips!

  • be grateful for your talent

Be Grateful for Your Talent

Imagine not being gifted with your talent

What comes up? Do you want to be any other person? If you answered “yes”, try to change. Be that person for a week or the rest of your life…

Anytime I was doing anything else for a living that had nothing to do with music, I suffered and couldn’t await the moments to sing, play the drums, keys, create a new song or perform for people! The win win win situation for me, the audience and the all collective consciousness.

  • Integrate your love for creating art with what helps others to move on

Integrate your love for creating art with what helps others to move on

The masses…

Being commercial, being off mainstream?

What is that anyway? Being a struggling artist does not being broke to me alone. The struggle to me means not being able to create music and arts the whole day long, only having small natural breaks in between this spiritual time.

When I integrate my love for creating art with motivational actions and words, I mostly get the feedback I love to hear. “You are so positive!”

And heck yes that is what I am and my creations are here on earth for!

There are enough or even equal negative things and words spoken around, that literally force me to turn them, transform them into something that will help myself or anyone out of the depression spiral. So, in whatever direction you feel and create, know that you integrate this feelings for everything existing and be grateful for being able to do so!

  • Be the successful artist from now on

Be The Successful Artist From Now On

This is a simple choice.

A single song turns into a hit, and only people that are interested in a hit song story will see all that it took to be the hit. Stop being in struggling mood, but be in Success Mood NOW! You have already created hits, but you only have to keep pushing through and keep allowing the Devine place new visions into the You that you are. When your time is right you will live it. You are the success already

  • Embrace this time

Embrace This Time

This is another time in your life when you are looking for ways to move forward, to get rewarded for your work…

This time can be looked at the best or the hardest time for an artist. What is your Sky/Omniverse-View?

The tools and especially the digital marketing tools you could use to get your art out are Not easy to handle, but without improving the tools things and art would be all of the same kind. That is impossible,right?

I am glad that I have found mentors of many walks in life and of different professions along my way and give thanks to them all!

Thanks to the mentors that helped me to build this website!

What else?
What is the best business to start while keeping your day job

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