Struggling Artist-Escaping The Success-Race

I simply can’t escape the success race. Many times I wish I could.

When I first heard music, then starting to create music myself, watching my sister and brother enjoying music, watching those music videos, getting my first record deal and yes getting paid for the fun work doing, creating and performing music.

No turning back until being forced to step back. Burned out and depressed, divorced and getting back up. Struggling with happy and hurt feelings not being discovered anymore.

Being respected by other musicians, trying to share love, hope and positive thoughts with every breath and even trying to help people that are not into creating music to start going for there dreams.

Am I where I want to be? No not yet.

I didn’t win a Grammy yet

I can’t even make a living from the music I created
I cannot support green businesses and corporate responsibility projects in the way I’d love. Not yet.

But I will not give up!

The success race and what about you?

I had to start learning more about the online marketing world and now run an online business a long with my music.

If you need help with creating a website, creating valuable content that will help others to help others, I encourage you to check out the same free training that has helped me to build this website and online business that already paid some of my bills!

I was looking for truthful information and mentors. They told me early on and will tell you starting and online business, becoming successful with it depends on how much you commit to it. Hit “own online business” for your free training

own online business

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