The 10 holiday gifts that will change your life | Tony Robbins

Selling products has become more difficult. You need to know who you want to sell your product to.

Don’t like to sell, hate to be sold?

Have you ever noticed that many of life's GIFTS come disguised in the cloak of our problems?

…What if our problems are actually our greatest gifts? 🎁

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  • Laura Santa Cruz says:

    Wowers I’m early

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    Hey tony, Talk to Win Training πŸ’

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    Thank you so much Tony

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  • Figuring Out How says:

    Thank you for this! Problems are an opportunity for solutions. Everyday I try to find a way to give. πŸ™

  • Pragya Garg says:

    These 10 are the most beautiful gifts. Thank you for sharing this as I was thinking ways to serve others without using money and you have just shown me the way. Thank you once again.

  • Root African says:

    The power of gift. Thanks Tony.

  • Sorin Mihail Badea says:

    Hello Tony. Hearing again your rough voice made me think about a gift for you. A famous Romanian singer Dan Bittman, the front man of Holograf (a pop – rock band) had a similar problem with his voice (he could hardly speak and of course he could not sing). But after seeing a lot of doctors who gave him zero chance of singing, he found one doctor who easily cured his condition. Now he is singing again, and his voice is as good as new. A Romanian girl from your staff might help (Ozana Giusca a good friend of Alan Kleynhans). I will try to get in touch somehow with Dan Bittman myself and when I do, I will send you the details. Love, Sorin Mihail

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    Such a powerful message Tony! All the best to you and your family this holiday season.

  • James Alexson says:

    Thank you for sharing Tony! Greatest gifts!

  • Powerful U says:

    Thank you for illuminating the truth that our problems are actually our greatest gifts.

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    Wow! So powerful. Thank you Tony

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  • Mr. 'Phet says:

    My dog of 10 years died in August 2014. I was devastated because I was fortunate enough to have never lost anyone close to me prior to her. 3 months later, my father in law died. 8 months after that, my father died. Losing my father in law was hard, losing my father was unbelievably devastating, but both were made easier by having experienced the grief of loss for the first time when my sweet pup died. Teaching me how to grieve before I lost my dad was her final gift to me and I will be forever grateful. 😒

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