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What Connects Us All | Ep. 6 GRACE day #UnleashYourGift | Tony Robbins


GRACE is the Fabric of Existence

There's a guiding force that shows up in our lives daily — whether we recognize it in its own special moments, or it passes through us, in us, and by us largely unnoticed, like a gentle breeze, the song of laughter in the distance, the first peek of light at dawn, or our own hearts beating in the miracle of life. Some call it luck, some call it God or GRACE. Like so many gifts in our lives, the more you acknowledge and appreciate it, the more it appears!

Enjoy this latest episode of our #UnleashYourGift video series on the Power of GRACE, with words of wisdom from my beloved Sage in conversation with our dear friend Michael Singer, author of #TheUntetheredSoul.

And remember, life is ALWAYS happening FOR us, not to us. It's our job to find the GRACE in this — and EVERY — moment of our lives. That's when life is truly magnificent.

Understand the grace. Take the daily practice:

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  • Dark Love says:

    Yo thanks for helping the world 🌎

  • Vaibhav chauhan Thakur says:

    Fantastic 😎😎

  • Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace says:

    Wherever life plants you, blossom with grace

  • Michael Dennis says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU TONY for everything you’ve done over the years — you’ve been fundamental in my decision to pursue a career in personal development, starting with my YouTube channel! Forever grateful for your work🙏

  • Erika K says:

    i just want to remind you that you are perfect the way you are, you are beautiful, you are ENOUGH!

  • AREEB KHAN says:

    Great value sir live your videos

  • Jerry Espinosa says:

    Thank you Tony for another great video
    God keep blessing you

  • ArkOmen1 says:

    Don’t get drunk on a drug called significance!

  • Early Connections says:


  • Ann Pane says:

    Thank you Tony.

  • Kiran Says says:

    Grace – “courteous goodwill.”
    We are all able to give it, we are all able to recieve it. It is within us, it is around us, IT IS US- if we choose to act upon it every moment.

  • KimchiBBQ친구 says:

    Thank you Sage for your grace🙏💝

  • LOTII Entreprise says:

    Doctor Srboljub R. Mitrovic is on the way to deeply change people from within with moral values. He speaks several languages, he’s smart, humble. A must see! Check out his YouTube channel and you’ll see and feel his potential! @​

  • InnerLight Media says:

    “Grace is the perfection of life that exists with or without me”🙌🙌

  • Powerful U says:

    Thank you Tony and Sage for this great video series. 🙏🙏

  • Lara Smith says:

    🦋”Call it what it is, Call it Grace” Unspoken

  • Cristi Vlad says:

    Stop for a moment and experience the miracle of existence all around you!

    Such a powerful message that must be listened to every day.

  • Elena Mantz says:

    Inspiring and powerful commentary dear Sage! 🙏🏻

    “Grace is the perfection of life that exists WITH or WITHOUT ME”

  • We Love Libraries says:

    I disagree with the point of this guy’s definition of grace. Tony’s team puts lots of great continent – they missed the mark on this one – true talk

  • Laura Stern says:

    “Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me
    I once was lost, but now am found
    T’was blind but now I see”
    Thank you, Jesus!❤️

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