WHY am i doing this all?


The will to leave inspirational traces found by people looking for inspiration


Quitting a job

Starting a fair transparent business for people that love to help this life to be more fun 4 the living and growing.

Can you say why it is you do what you do Day in Day out?

Sure you can.

I am needing input.

There must be more and there is a lot more for me to learn in order to start this kind of business or hold on – do I need to work for somebody else to get what I want?

Who can I serve best?

The audience that I play my music for or the person I am writing this post for?

I had to get this off my chest being heavily inspired by people I listen to pretty much daily since 2017.

Like minded full of enthusiasm helping people like to become the best version of themselves and I pay them for helping me.

What do they do? They started the SFM years ago


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